I'm a software programmer based in Seville, a small city in the south of Spain.

You can contact me by mail or a social media platform, review my linkedin profile, check my github repository or contract me using a freelance platform.

I'm able to implement any SAML plugin or extension of any PHP / Python / Ruby application or helping you solving any SAML doubt. Professional SAML consultancy in your IdM projects. SimpleSAMLphp / Shibboleth / OneLogin expert. Hire me!

I have experience in the development of authentication systems, identity management, systems integration, REST APIs, cloud apps.

I worked on several Open Source Software: Owncloud, Moodle, Elgg, OpenMOOC, Wordpress, SAML Toolkits, SimpleSAMLphp.




HTML5 with CSS3



2013 - Present

OneLogin Inc.

Lead Toolkit Developer - SAML Engineer

OneLogin provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for companies to secure and manage access to web applications both in the cloud and behind the firewall.

It has SAML toolkits, open source and free to the community, now being used by hundreds of companies.

Some of my tasks:
* Lead developer SAML Toolkits.
* SAML, OpenID Connect Consultant.
* Help on product improvement.

2013 - Present


Consultant, Software Engineer

Projects related to Identity Federation, SAML support, system integrations.

2007 - 2013

Yaco Sistemas

Software Engineer

Worked on Identity federation, systems integration, OpenData and search engines.


OpenMOOC is an Open source project hosted in github. Integration of some apps to create a Massive Open Online Course plattform: MoocNG (Mooc motor based on django), IdP (Identity provider and register module) and Askbot (Q&A forum).


Implementation of an identity federation called CONFIA, comprising the Andalusian Public Universities (AUPA) and based on free software (simpleSAMLphp, Shibboleth).


Collaborative project with the National Distance Education in Mexico (SINED). The goal was the implementation of an identity federation.


Social network based on geo-location sites. It provides easy ways to establish place-based alerts, events, content providers and contextual advertising.. Adequacy of the multi-device interface. Presented at the Mobile World Congress 2009.


Gadget's aggregator for the Andalusia Government. Integration project. The goal was to set a common interface functionality for the different systems of the Andalusia Government.

2005 - 2007

Seville University

Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering

2000 - 2005

Seville University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

SAML Plugin

A plugin that enables SSO throught SAML for your Magento customers.

Connect Magento with Salesforce, Google, OneLogin, Okta or any other IdP

  • Support SSO and SLO
  • Just-In-Time provisioning (user data, group, address)
  • Possibly set the mapping between IdP fields and Magento fields.
  • Customizable workflow and messages

Buy it at http://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/sixto-martin-saml-single-sign-on-magento-extension

Professional support by Mail/Video conference:
moc.liamg @ aicrag.nitram.otxis

You can take a look on how it works at this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKTRkSEyUIA

If you want to add SAML to the admin panel, then use Admin SAML Single Sign On Plugin

For Magento2 use the official Single Sign-On SAML extension or the Customer + Backend version